Adhesive-Backed Silvercloth

Some years before I heard about the GF, I designed and built a mahogany and maple jewelry box. As it was intended for a gift to a friend who had a lot of silver jewelry, I lined the box compartments with silvercloth, which is cotton felt treated to reduce the tarnish on silver. It seems to work pretty well. The gift didn’t get given so I have been able to observe how it works and in seven years the silver has shown some tarnish but not nearly as much as silver stored nearby with no protection.
You can find it here:
You can find the normal silvercloth at several other locations also, but this one is the only one I have found with the self-adhesive. I have a roll though, I think I had to buy two or three yards to make it economical, so if you want a sample or a small amount let me know.


How well does the adhesive work over time? I worry about the longevity of a lot of self-adhesive things, they sometimes dry out and stop sticking.

The other slightly worrisome thing is not knowing precisely what Silvershield is.

The fabric is here:

I tried to find an msds but didn’t have any luck. One site claimed it was impregnated with zinc, which isn’t ideal but probably pretty small quantities. Anyway, it’s probably not super harmful to laser but I’d feel better if an msds were available. Don’t suppose you’ve got one?

It hasn’t come out yet, after 7 years in Arizona dryness at about 80 F.

Zinc is generally non-harmful. It is also not going to burn in the laser as it is a metal. The quantity used in this case is small, and the quantity that would become airborne is even less.

Zinc is used as an antibiotic coating and it takes a huge amount for it to be dangerous.

There was some zinc vapor discussion in another thread …

And again I don’t know if the zinc is in there or not, it was just a note on a random e commerce site.

It looks like most of the silver cloth uses diatomaceous earth , which is basically silica. As with zinc, the exposure levels are so low that you aren’t going to be getting a dangerous dose if you cut it with the laser with good ventilation.

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diatomaceous earth is a component of cermark, which is made to laser, so not a huge concern, I would think.