Adhesive backing and printed materials before cutting

Has anyone tried cutting something that is already UV printed? Curious if 1. This would mess up the laser and 2. If it would create toxic fumes?

Also I am looking for a CO2 laser approved thin double sided adhesive to stick on the back of the proof grade material before cutting so that after the cut I can peel and stick to the surface I need instead of gluing. Any suggestions? I have emailed 3M to see if there’s is C02 laser approved but haven’t heard back


Just look at the MSDS. Most adhesives are either acrylic or rubber based and both of those adhesives will be fine. The big thing to look out for is PVC. Some adhesives use a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) backing, and cutting PVC will damage your machine. It should be easy to spot on the MSDS.

As for UV inks I’m not sure. I doubt they’d be harmful to the laser, I assume they’re some sort of UV activated resin? Resins can be tough to get through… but this would be super thin, so my guess is that it’d work pretty well. Maybe someone with more experience with them can pipe up.

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I use the 3M double sided tape as do many others. It is what is on the Proofgrade veneer.


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