Adhesive Veneer


Has anyone see a source for laserable thin veneer? One of the things that I want to do will require it.


I can’t vouch for other sources but there will be Proofgrade veneers.


Also, the Proofgrade veneer will be adhesive backed.


Inventables and LaserBits/Johnson Plastics both have some adhesive backed veneers.


The Glowforge Proofgrade veneer comes in maple, walnut and cherry. It is beautiful stuff. It is unfinished and has an adhesive backing and top masking. It’s in the catalog now for prerelease users. Not sure when the materials catalog will go live for everyone else.


I bet I’m not alone in hoping that the catalog will be available even before my GF ships. I’d love to stock up on some proofgrade materials.


A small matter of nomenclature - the “Glowforge Shop” sells physical goods (primarily Proofgrade material); the “Glowforge Design Catalog” sells designs.