Adjustable flying stand for D&D minis

Used 1/8th inch clear acrylic for the large base and the walls of the cubes. Then I used 1/4" acrylic into a fitted hole in the large base and the top of each cube (the bottoms of the cubes are open).

I can then slot in each cube onto the 1/8" of the 1/4" acrylic that extends beyond the base (and the cubes) so they lock into place almost lego-like.

I did a score of 1" squares into the large base so it can be positioned on the D&D battle mat.

My DM usually has a die next to minis that are “flying” to denote how far up they are. Now we can just add cubes and say it’s 10’ for each cube.


Very cool! :grinning:


Nice work. Did you use glue?

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Yeah, acrylic cement.

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