Adjustable mask hook

Adjustable mask hook. Should do more than just your basic “S” hook got roughly 60 cuts out of one 12x20 sheet of proof grade acrylicadjustablemaskhook-01


Click here to download.

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fixed it should be good to download now

It was good to go before, sometimes adding a text link helps people who don’t know the right click trick. I wrote up how to do that somewhere, let’s see…

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Exactly what I was looking for for some nurses and healthcare workers. Thank you so much for sharing!! Going to start making these to give to those who need them!

Thank you so much!

This is great. Thank you. Are you guys using 1/4" or 1/8" thick acrylic?

1/8" it’s got a little more give

Perfect. Thanks again.

Hey! This is my design :two_hearts:, thanks for uploading it here for everyone. I was going to but saw it was already here :rofl: just wanted to point out that I have updated it since according to feedbacks I got from healthcare workers. The original version had a weak point I didn’t like. Want to make sure everyone is working with an updated file!AdjustableMaskHook


Also This is how you use it in case you all need a reference


Not sure how but if you can update the file with the new revision? That way everyone can work with the updated file. Thank you!


I didn’t know it was your design. I didn’t didn’t mean to steal it. I thought it was the best useful design I saw out there and wanted to get it out there. I don’t believe I claimed it as my own

Oh don’t worry about it that! I know you didn’t make any claims. It’s been passed around a lot since posting and You just beat me to posting it lol. And I appreciate you thinking it’s good enough to share here.

I just wanted to make sure you got the updated design with the strengthen changes. :+1:If you can update the file to the new one I appreciate it.


Thank you so much for your generous share of this design @KoAiren! I believe it’s the best one out there and I plan to make a bunch.


Thank you for sharing this - will make & donate!!

@KoAiren gave me access to the updated file here is v2.0AdjustableMaskHook


Could simple MDF be used for this ? it would be cheaper and if they cant sanitize they can throw away… or reuse few days after ??? Let me know if you can try and see if it breaks when used with MDF… I don’t have any masks but this week I intend to try and cut as many things possible to go and donate

acrylic is best cause they can sanitize and reuse. MDF is pourus and will hold in moisture, including covid 19. Also thin MDF will break and doesn’t bend easy

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thank you for a great gift