Adobe Illustrator "Export Asset" feature SVG scaled incorrectly

I checked the forum but couldn’t find this exact issue discussed anywhere. There’s a feature in Adobe Illustrator, which if works correctly, would be an amazing feature. It’s the “Asset Export” panel (Window > Asset Export). It allows you to export (in SVG, PNG or other formats) only the assets on the art board that you need, simultaneously, and puts each one in its own file. This is very useful. However, SVG is the only format that doesn’t allow you to scale. The ‘Scale’ dropdown is grayed out. And when I export it anyways, it always exports smaller (I would guess around 75% size). When I export using ‘Save As’ or ‘Export’, I have ‘Responsive’ unchecked, and it exports perfectly to scale using those 2 methods.
In the Asset Export panel, I tried clicking the ‘Launch the export for screens dialog’, clicking the little gear, clicking SVG, ensuring ‘Responsive’ is unchecked there, then exporting using that dialog, but it still exports smaller. Does anyone have any experience with this ‘Asset Export’ feature?
I realize I can probably make all my assets larger during design, but I really don’t want to have to do that for obvious reasons.

While you wait for support, lets start with the statement that Glowforge doesn’t recommend using export for creating SVG from AI. GG recommends the “Save As” option for reasons.

This topic IS covered in depth over multiple threads. Figuring out Discourse search can be fun though. @chris1 in particular is very meticulous when seeking answers and analyzing results related to this topic. You can see his and other people’s responses from this search:

In short, “Save As” is the safer, better option for getting consistently good SVG exports from AI. You can also use copy/paste between AI and the GFUI with a few caveats that I’ll let you discover on your own :slight_smile:

Figuring out a good workflow for yourself is a big part of the battle. I’ve been trying to adjust my workflow because I was using export asset/artboard all the time. I’m still making friends with the “Save As” workflow.

Welcome to the forum, and you’ll really love your GF once you get your workflow figured out for you.


I am going to move this out of Problems and Support as this is not really an issue that Glowforge support can/will address.

Thank you. I will check out that thread.
EDIT: I checked the threads, but I’ve already seen them all. They’re not talking about the issue I’m having. Everyone is referring to “Export” vs “Save As”. I’m quite familiar with these 2 methods, but I really wanted to use the “Asset Export” panel (Window > Asset Export). This is a third method of exporting that doesn’t appear to be touched upon.

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So the (Window > Asset Export) allows you to drop items that you can export in batches. That still end up taking you to the Export for Screens window to process which is covered by all those other posts :slight_smile:

Either way, you’re not going to get scale on SVG files, and GF still doesn’t recommend the export method.

If you do find something cool with this though please share. I’m always interested in learning.

Asset Export is just an option within the Export for Screens dialog. That screen actually has a toggle for Artboard or Assets. At the bottom of the Asset Export palette, you also have a shortcut link to Launch the Export for Screens Dialog.

The problem with exporting assets in SVG is is that it just sets everything as pixels, which are interpreted differently by different programs (72 pixels per inch in Illustrator, 96 in browsers typically). I use the export for screens all the time, but do it by artboard and I use a 12x20” artboard, so the app knows how to scale things.

If you really wanted to use the Export Assets feature, you can export them as PDF and they’ll load the proper size (albeit significantly larger file sizes than a comparable SVG).


I’ve tried using PDF with that dialog box and my image didn’t come in to GFUI properly. I think it had to do with various operations I did to the image beforehand. But if I use PNG and choose a high resolution like 600ppi I can get a good image out that is usable for the Glowforge. Unfortunately it will be the wrong size (about 2.1 times too large in my case) so you would have to resize it. That worked okay for my purpose but you’d have to judge whether it would be useful to you.

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