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I know this type of question has been asked a bajillion times, but I am apparently a bit of an idiot. So here is the file that I want (and I want it for engraving and for sublimating, so colors are important.)

WEC coin

So what I am trying to do is…
“Where Everyone Counts” I want to be maroon
The area between the 2 circles, and the INSIDE of the horse, I want to be BLACK (this is what is giving me troubles)
The WEC I want to be grey
The “eye” I want to be maroon
The area between the horse and the inner circle, I want white.
(edit: Oh, and all of the lines should be maroon)

I seem to be able to get the lettering correct and I can get the eye correct. But when I try to fill in the circles I turn the whole thing black. When I try to fill in the horse, I get the area between the horse and the circle to be black, but the inside stays white.

Thanks to all the Adobe gurus in advance.

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Ensure that the line that you want to fill, e.g. the one that encloses the area between the two circles and the inside of the horse is one line, and then fill it with black in the properties panel under appearance.

If your line is not one full piece you can join it using the join tool by selecting the pieces of line you want to join, selecting the join tool, and then scribbling over the two ends you want to join.


  1. image

  2. image

This will join the lines for you and then you can fill the inside with black.


Use the Live Paint tool (paint bucket) just remember to expand the live paint group when you’re happy with the colors and check that all your lines are doing what you want :slight_smile:

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I don’t use Adobe, but in Inkscape if you Union the purple horse line, and the black exterior line - you can then fill the interior where you want it. Then copying the fill portion of the eye and the WEC, and Excluding the originals from the black background turns them into holes which you can fill with the portion you copied above.

Since the text is only strokes you can’t do the exclusion, so if you did this on the :glowforge: you’d have to engrave the black first and then score the text after so you could see it - but this should work for sublimating!

WEC coin_V2


That’s awesome. Thanks. I’ll figure it out in AI at some point.


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