Adobe Illustrator newly created SVG files unable to re-open in Illustrator

Hey guys. I have had this issue before. AI tech support is the one I believe that ended up fixing the issue, and I couldn’t understand a word he was saying, so I am not sure what the problem ended up to be. It started happening again after AI updated this past week.

If I open up older SVG files that I made prior to the recent AI update, they open fine. If I create a new SVG file, save it as SVG with these settings

I get this message when I attempt to re-open the file in AI. (Also, GFUI says an error occurred)


I am not sure what the heck the issue is. I have googled, and you tubed, searched adobe’s support forum, GF community forum, and have called AI tech support SEVERAL times now. Each time I get someone who takes anywhere from 40 mins to TWO HOURS to solve the problem. And it works each time. Until I end the computer screen share session. It is the craziest thing. I have something somewhere that is not mixing. And not sure even where to start. I am almost ready to toss this Mac in the donation box and start from scratch! ( I know, that’s dramatic) But that is how hard of a brick I have hit! HEELLLPP ME!!

Here is a sample file of one of the ones that are doing this crazy mess. I am not sure if it will even help.

And I may be crazy. I don’t know. But I am stuck!

P.S. I am just now finding out that if I export the file instead of saving it, it actually is able to be uploaded onto GFUI. I am going to try and open it again in AI. I will update you if any progress.

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It opened in AI just fine for me and saved it again with the same setting you saved it with above then opened it again with no issues in AI or the GFUI.

You SVG Option looks radically different than mine…

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No clue about the svg weirdness - I’d suggest saving your files as PDFs instead for two reasons. A) still works in GFUI, arguably better. B) PDF retains more file data than svg being AI’s native format (on more recent CC).

Another alternative for files you’re not planning to share with other laser users is stay with AI format (or pdf or eps) and copy/paste (via keyboard shortcuts) directly from AI to the GF dashboard.

TLDR: SVG is a less robust file format. For maximum ability to open and rework use AI or PDF.


It looks like a version of Mac OS from 20 years ago. What version of Adobe Illustrator is that? I don’t think it is a creative cloud version.

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Try checking that box that says “Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities”.

Generally I actually wouldn’t recommend that for exporting for the GFUI, because it can add some extra cruft to the SVG.

But if you’re having trouble, it could fix things.

Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.1 and AI 25.2 Both need a new update already. But I just updated a few weeks ago. This is when the issue started happening. I believe I have found a work around from someone who helped me once before when this happened. I just couldn’t remember for the life of me what the work around or fixer was.

BUT… that was a snapshot of my computer screen from my iPhone 12. But I had to PS it so that it would be more clear to read the words due to the glare and the lines in the screen . It didn’t look funny to me at the time. But when I read your comment, I glanced back at the beginning of this thread. I thought to myself, “oh my! When did I create this thread? That is a VERY old version of both! What in the what! This must be the first time I had the issue!” HaHaHa! I had to figure my life out there for a second!! Haha! It is my snapshot. And it even got me!

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