Adobe Illustrator - Setting Stroke and Fill Colors

The link you provided, which loads the “Custom Inkscape, Illustrator, CorelDraw and Affinity Designer Color Palettes for ordering operations in GFUI” thread does work.

The link in that thread doesn’t though:

Yeah, if it references a discussion from a Private link, we can’t read it. Only the tutorial part is available. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have an adobe illustrator question/problem I downloaded this .svg file from this community. I want to edit the star pattern and insert the Army symbol into the standard. If you look at the image you will see the star layer is all grayed out and I cannot change or unlock them. Can someone help me out here

I can’t tell by looking at a screen shot, but those stars might be part of a Compound Path, and designed to punch out the star shapes from the blue field. (If it is set up correctly to engrave, it is.)

What are you trying to do with the army symbol…punch it out of the blue field?

That will require releasing any Compound Paths, removing any conflicting stars, laying the symbol on top of the field and then using Minus Front correctly…and that can be tricky when working with multiple compound paths.

If you want to load up your SVG file here it would help to determine what needs to be done to it to make it work. (Zip it first, then drag and drop it onto a new line by itself in a post.)

By the way, you left out the word “STATES” in the text, so you might want to correct that so it reads the way you want it to before you load up the file. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think your problem is that the main layer “layer 2” is invisible.
Where the column with the eyeballs is - see how there’s white/on eyeballs followed by a space and then all the gray/off eyeballs? Click in that empty space and you should get a white eyeball and turn the layer on. The rest of the gray eyeballs should follow and turn white.

There’s also a “the” missing.

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