Adobe Illustrator to workspace issues?

Hi! So…I recently got adobe illustrator & when I upload designs made there into the GF workspace some of the parts, lines, shapes etc act as different pieces. Example, an image of a face I created just to see how it work when uploaded into the GF workspace separates, a line from the hair, a circle etc upload as their own shapes. Perhaps there is a different way I could save/upload the images?

Thanks so much for any insight


the GF user interface separates actions by color. so if you have one hair that is 151/152/175 in RGB, and another that is 151/152/176, they will show up as separate actions.

when you set up a file to cut/engrave/score, you want to use a single color for each action. so, for example, if you had a score, a cut, and an engrave, you could set up:

score: 0/76/151 (which is a blue)
cut: 66/151/181 (which is a red)
engrave: 0/0/0 (which is black)

that would give you one setting for each type of action.

if you wanted to engrave two different parts differently, you could do:

score: 0/76/151 (which is a blue)
cut: 66/151/181 (which is a red)
engrave 01: 0/0/0 (which is black)
engrave 02: 255/130/0 (which is orange)

and then set different engraving settings for the black and the orange.


Definitely have a read of the first few articles here in the Adobe Illustrator column:

They’ll likely teach you some things and help you avoid a lot of headaches!
And keep the questions coming :slight_smile: Lots of folks are happy to help.


Thank you for this! Im very new to the GF community & brand new to illustrator lol. Everyone has been so kind & helpful


Thank you so much! Saving this :slight_smile: