Adobe Illustrator — Transform tip

I’ve been using Illustrator for years, but today I discovered a new trick. (Well, new to me, but probably common knowledge to everyone else.) You can enter simple math into the Transform dialog, in any units, and Illustrator will handle the conversion for you.



It will handle addition, substraction, multiplication and division, but not parentheses, and not multiple operations at once. But for quick-and-easy adjustments (e.g., kerf correction), it’s a handy feature.


That’s pretty neat, I never use illustrator and my brain is permanently stuck on imperial even tho i live in Canada but it is cool that it works out that way. I feel I get closer every day to actually trying it out all tho I do kinda love inkscape now. (I’m that’s some type of Stockholm syndrome tho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


Affinity Designer does this, too. :slight_smile:


You can enter simple arithmetic in almost all places in Illustrator where numbers can be entered, and units can be used where they’re applicable. I do wish they’d support parentheses, but, as you point out, they don’t.

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Not sure there’s a modern one that doesn’t do that - Inkscape, AD, AI, Corel, etc. As I recall it started about 5 yrs ago in the apps I use(d).


You kids get off my lawn! :laughing:

I’m so used to doing things the old school way, I overlook the recent bells and whistles. Time for a refresher course, I guess!


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