Adobe Max this year is virtual and free

if you’re an adobe user, i suggest looking through the available sessions and seeing what you might find interesting.

i went to max in person last year and it was a great experience.


Wow, thanks!

Thanks for sharing. I remember you talking about this before and it sounded like something I would enjoy. Definitely putting it on my calendar.

@shop Just curious, when it is not virtual, can anyone attend?

Anywhere from $600-$2000 depending on the package you purchase (i.e. which sessions you attend.)


what @eflyguy said. not to mention the cost of staying in downtown LA (it runs across the convention center, the staples center, two hotels, and the microsoft theater. it’s a *HUGE event.

i was able to go for just the cost of travel last year. my company is such a huge adobe enterprise user (probably well over 1000 licenses), we get a few comp full admissions. my design group is supposedly going to continue to get one every year for now (obv this year is an exception).

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Don’t worry, I didn’t think it was free LOL I just didn’t know if it was only for those in the industry. Downtown LA is really the main turnoff. But anyway, will have much more free time in the next year or two and just looking at things purely that I enjoy and I have a feeling I would love attending. Trying out the virtual Max will certainly be a great way before plunking down serious $$.

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it’s definitely not industry only. and there are people from pretty much every walk there. like i said, huge. i think it was 10-15k people last year. the keynote speakers were people like Dave Grohl, Billie Eilish, M Night Shamalan… the host of the “sneaks” (sneak peeks at future features/programs) was John Mullaney. and a concert by vampire weekend.

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