Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator cc 2014 Windows 10 Capatible

I’m finding that I’m pushing more to the limits of this 10 year old laptop. 10 years ago, it was for basic needs to run my online shops and some general business activities. Today I’m always needing to keep Illustrator, Photoshop, my cutting program (mostly decals), my spreadsheets, word and chrome open to run those online shops. Now I have to have the GUI for the machine open. I don’t even surf on the web since I have a tablet.

My laptop works fine for general uses like office as I originally intended. Now it So. Darn. Slow when I have multiple programs open. And downside of cloud service, upload rate is slower then my husbands more recent computer. I been thinking to upgrade to something that suits what I need today. I’m a PC person, not a MAC person. I don’t want to buy new Adobe software. I really don’t want to learn a new vector software either.

I’m sure that a new one will come with the latest Windows OS.

  • Will Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop cc 2014 work on Windows 10?
  • Will Office XP work on Windows 10? (if office doesn’t come with it)

I tried Googling it but it only says up to Windows 8.1 but I know it’s likely to work on Windows 10. I just need to know for certain as if I need to buy 2017/2018 - that cost is going into the budget. I confirmed my cutting program for my vinyl cutter will work with Windows 10 (phew!) so good there.

Office XP should install and run ok, but it’s a security risk – Microsoft stopped supporting it in 2015 (I think), so there are no service packs, patches or any of the myriad updates that fixed bugs and plugged vulnerabilities. Also, Office XP was written for a 32-bit operating system and Win10 is 64-bit. There’s a compatibility mode, but it’s not optimal.

CC 2014 should also run on Win 10, but there have been reports of driver-related video problems. Unlike some earlier versions that require an outdated (and unsupported) version of Java be installed in order to run.

I’m not sure about this – network speeds are pretty independent of host hardware (other than the network card itself). To quantify this, use a site like from the browser on both machines and compare the results.

I hope this helps – no doubt others will have more specific advice. :wink:

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Thanks! Most new computers come with office as an option I think anyway so not as worried.

For cc 2014 driver issues do you mean how it looks on screen? I need to Google search for what these problems could be

We do speed test, for some reason husband is faster. No idea why though but… my machine and laptop is right on the edge of the WiFi range. If I upload closer to the hub it seems faster

Yes – wifi speeds are related to signal strength. Side-by-side comparisons will be more accurate. Putting a new device in the same location as your existing device may not improve transfer speeds.

In part. There can be incompatibilities in the GPU (graphics card) that can cause graphic-intensive applications to hang or not launch.

Btw, I’m not trying to scare you off of new hardware (really :wink: ), but I know from experience that older software and new computers are not always a good mix…

No worries, I’m pretty aware of how old and new hate each other when it comes to hardware and software.

It’s the swing from… I know what I have works and I don’t really need a new computer… to gosh darn it, so freaking slow and wanting chuck it out the window.

I do like new sparkly things.


Office XP will have issues because it has internet dependencies (updating, browser connections and internet backend functionality) that will cause issues with default application designations with Windows 10 OS.

You could do some virtualization (VirtualBox will allow you access the host directories, but HyperV is only available with Win 10 Pro (and up).

There were a few weirdnesses with Office XP (Office 2002) that were addressed with updates and service packs, but you might have troubles locating valid updates/service packs.

Office 2003 can run on Windows 10, but you must choose a custom install and prevent any internet components (plug-ins, web editing components, asp modules and even .NET framework 1.0 functions from installing)

As annoying as it can be, the Office 365 Personal ($70/year) or Office 365 Home ($100/year with 5 installs and can be shared with 4 other people - each get 5 independent and separate from your installs) is a better choice. I tell most people to get the $100 subscription and find a couple of people who need an updated license, have them pay $40 a year (or they pay for a good dinner or such) each.

If they fall out of favor with you, you just revoke their license (they have to go get their own) and find someone else to share it with. Microsoft doesn’t care who you share it with. Beats paying $300 to $450 for a stand-alone single license.


I’m so out of touch with software today. Just wish we can just use older software that works

I will have to look into office. I just want excel and word I hate sharing so I may need to budget a stand alone license

Check to see if your husband may already have Office 365? Another nice thing about O365 is that it plays well with your phone and tablet versions of Office as well. Also, as long as you have the subscription, you’ve got 1TB of OneDrive storage.

Oh I should check if he does! I know his came with office. He’s on windows 7 like mine though. All he uses his computer is to play League of Legends

If you do go with a new machine, get as much memory as you can. After 8 years on a good 2GHz laptop with 8 gigs of RAM, I am in awe of the speed of this 3.4GHz desktop with 32 gigs.
It opens AI or PS in about 5 seconds as opposed to 20.

It was the sluggish speed that prompted the upgrade, and the inability to add any more memory to the laptop. The socket on the new board should be good for the next 3 generations of CPU and can support 64 gigs, so I should be good for another bunch of years.
After 10 years on that machine, you got your money’s worth, and when you do upgrade, you’re in for a treat!

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Hehe so agree! But after paying to import to Canada ($300ish) and buying a Haltron Fire Extinguisher ($200ish) I think I’m being more money conscious then I’m normally being. The year I paid for the Glowforge it took me months before I would splurge again (I’m cheap, frugal and all those things) :rofl:


You could try a partial hardware upgrade if your laptop is compatible.

A huge speed boost comes from just swapping out your old hard drive for an SSD. You wouldn’t have to change OS. I had a 6 year old computer that I thought was completely useless, so slow! (Full Adobe Suite plus 3D design software) After swapping to SSD and maxing out the RAM it was super zippy and went another 2 years before I succumbed to a shiny new Surface Studio.


Confirmed that 2014 is not Windows 10 compatible. I will have to pay for the upgrade.

My laptop is aging. I replaced the screen connection part, replace the battery, a USB port is damaged that I had to superglue a printer cable to it (yes I had no choice) and one of the alt key and shift keys stopped working. Should get a new one. I am trying to stretch it so I travel to a US state or Canadian province that don’t charge state or province tax (will travel to Edmonton and Oregan next year)

It’s too bad as it’s still a good computer for basic school and office work.

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