Adobe Premiere Elements 15

Amazon has Adobe Premiere Elements 15 for $55 today (Feb 28) for those who want to get a good starting video editor.

On requires an Amazon account to purchase (Mac and Windows - Download or physical disk)


People buy adobe products in a non-work environment? :stuck_out_tongue:

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The elements apps are really good for amateur editing.

For those who had taken advantage of the $55 special, Adobe has a tips page (granted for the Pro version) which will help out the beginner:

Hope this helps out.


I bought it… along with the cricut spatula that @Jules recommends.
I’ve been playing with my calipers, too.
You people make me buy things I didn’t know I need… except Premiere.

I am fully aware that hanging on to an old 32-bit mac so I can run the good version of iMovie HD is really pathetic and that after 12 years I really need to let it go and move on.

Thank you… I am now moving on.
Under some duress.

Stinking forced obsolescence.


I’m still waiting for them to come out with an Adobe Illustrator Elements, darn it. :stuck_out_tongue: