Advent Calendar Tree Stand Passthrough Beta Project

Glowforge is taking applications for the Passthrough Software Beta program (Sign up until April 6th, 2020 here: Pro Passthrough Beta Application )

This was one of my favorites and took a little while to assemble. But you absolutely can get furniture grade quality with the Passthrough. :wink:

It’s an advent calendar with fairly large locking drawers for lots of treats, and it doubles as a decorative base for a tabletop sized tree. (Not going to be able to use it until next December, but really happy with how it turned out.)

The base of this is over 11 inches in diameter, so the passthrough was needed to cut it and engrave the center medallion on the top.

Go sign up for the beta! :smile:


That is beautiful!!! These are the times I wish I had bought the Pro! LOL


Time for an upgrade! :wink:
(You really should…with your furniture? Definitely!)


Well unfortunately, given the current circumstances, I will not be getting a pro any time soon. LOL


Oh… yeah. :neutral_face:

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How do you sign up for the beta?

Go to this link and read the writeup by Dan:

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I just showed this to my mother. “I love it!” she said. “Make me one!” she said.

I do have a pro, but I don’t have your skills. I have a lot to learn by December. :slight_smile:


@Jules, thank you! Seems exciting!

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It’s VERY exciting. Get signed up for the beta if you haven’t yet. :blush:

That is absolutely lovely.

Why was the Pro important for this?

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Center diameter is over 11 inches. (Too large to fit the bed on the Basic and Plus. You need the Pro to cut the base and top.)

Looks absolutely beautiful-nicely done!

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Ah yes, of course, obvious now you’ve pointed it out!

Nice to see this even in March … so beautifully designed and executed!

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This is sooo beautiful! What kind of wood is this?

Proofgrade Walnut Plywood. (Medium.) Large sheet.

It’s gorgeous isn’t it? It’s one of my favorites to work with. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ahhhh! I’ve only used baltic birch! Your work is amazing! Thanks Jules!

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My Sweet,

This is absolute perfection!!! Phenomenal!!

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Thank you kindly! (Seems like so long ago, doesn’t it?) :smile: