Advent Calendar with fireplace and magnets

This is alittle bit late… For next year perhaps :slight_smile:

The fireplace has a cut in the back of it to put in a piece of metal, so you can put magnets onto the stockings. Means it is scalable if the family adds an extra person to the fireplace.

There are two types of boxes for the main piece in the design too. You can do a box with a cutout in the front, or I have one that works with some little knobs I got off etsy (which is shown in the picture. When cutting the fronts you can choose which pieces to engrave/cut based on that. Also why there is two sets of numbers and door fronts!


advent (3.5 MB)
Advent Calendar - black fireplace Advent calendar - facing Advent calendar - frame 1 Advent calendar - frame 2 Advent calendar - frame 3 Advent calendar - frame 4 Advent calendar - frame 5 Advent calendar - frame 6 Advent calendar - gol Advent calendar - green Advent calendar - paper backing Advent calendar - red Advent calendar - white
Advent calendar - roof 1 Advent calendar - roof 2


Really nice, thank you


This is cool. I’ll have to check it out sometime

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Spectacular! Thanks so much.

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Super cute!


Very creative! It would probably sell like hot cakes on Etsy.

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There is always next year Nice share!


Tiny drawers are always in season… Now to find things to put in them!


Awesome Share! Thank you!

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There are quite a few similar to this on etsy already. Although I made this myself, started with the to make a box with all the inside bits, then carved bits out and made a roof (also using and the triangle boxes) Lots of editing and designing of fireplaces later.


This is super cute!

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Is the roof included in this file?

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Thank you for sharing your design with us.

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What a lovely advent calendar! Thank you very much!

You must be going without sleep!

Hi there,

Yes the roof files are included in the design. Works nice with some glitter and white paint!

I can’t wait to make this! Thank you. Everyone else is tired of Christmas designs but some of us are just starting so we still get excited over them, lol.

Ok, thanks. I’m really new to Glowforge and I guess I’m just not seeing it in the file pictures above.

Opps, your right. They are in the illustrator file, just put them in as svgs. I did miss adding them the first time around :slight_smile:

Ok, I see it now. I’m really new to all this stuff and thought I was just missing it. Lol
Thank you very much for posting this. I plan on making this for the grandkids for next Christmas. :grinning:

Sweet. Thanks for sharing!