Adventures in card making (on cardstock)

Thanks for the inspiration!

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I just taped around the edges of the paper with painters tape, keeping most of it on the crumb tray and about 1/8" on the cardstock. It’s been working really well for me. One of the pics in the first post show the tape.

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how did you get it to just cut out the lines and not engrave the entire image? The only setting I can get paper/and adding artwork to work on is engrave, not cut?

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Hmm, I just uploaded my artwork as SVG files. In illustrator or whatever vector software you are using you set the lines to have a stroke, but no fill. Glowforge sets strokes as cut by defualt and fills as engrave. However, if you upload a SVG file with fill, in the Glowforge interface where you adjust the power/speed settings for each element, if you hit the little dropdown arrow/chevron, there is an option called “Convert to cut” or “Convert to Engrave” that should allow you to switch between cutting the outline and engraving…

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I’ve had great results so far with the hold-down pins on cardstock cuts—though making sure to manage cut order well because the fan can ruin even the best of well-secured-paper-edge plans.


wow nice job question where i can get the svg

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Reminder - per our guidelines, it’s against forum rules to ask for free design files.


My favorite rule! That’s a rule I adopted in a Facebook group