Adventures in lightswitch covers


Thought I’d show y’all my fun times with switch covers…my sister just built a new house so I got bamboozled into making all their new light switches. Only have two done at the moment one was for my nieces room, shes obsessed with unicorns at the moment. Think they can out pretty snazzy.


Dig 'em both!

The 7 switch cover is missing something… LABELS as to what the switches control!


For real!


Ha…well felt like it would take away from the whole imagery situation plus its light fan light fan order and I’m sure after a few times they will know which is which.


I would have done lil’ symbols of some sort. (Light bulb/oriental fan…)

It’s still cool as is… (7 switches in one place is definitely ODD.)


Both are cool … But, the second one is stunning!


Holy smokes! Very impressive, especially the Boho one.


Having once been a little girl who was into unicorns - it’s LOVELY. Now being a (much) older woman not so much into unicorns - that 7 switch cover is STUNNING. I love it!


I’m pretty sure it’s a light, fan, light, fan, garbage disposal, light, fan layout…
Gets me every time.


Don’t forget the whole house fan :wink:


Where did you get the unicorn graphic? Love it!