Adventures with HD Ply: 15 Minute Sundial



Tempus fugit (especially when I’m in the shop with my GF :sunglasses:)

New photo by Dennis Ward

Dang! Forgot to expand the hour lines… :confused:


Friggin awesome!!


That’s great. What a perfect use for the Glowforge. The lines look super. Were they engraved?


Oooh! Like that! :relaxed:


Scored at 1/197,–which is why the hour lines don’t stand out. Next time…


I can’t get a zoom in preview on the photos, so I couldn’t tell. First look gives me a good sense of the scoring, that there aren’t heavy burns at the ends. Seems like the hour lines could do two scored right next to each other. Would definitely test how that works, but all in all the score is so precise.


Have to prototype one of these. Maybe for a new patio. :glowforge::sunglasses:


I love this project! What a wonderful thing it would be for school kids to make–teach them about sundials while geeking out with a laser.


That’s awesome! How did you know where to mark the lines for each hour?



Bookmarked! I wanna make one too!


Here’s a pretty neat calculator as well: This one generates a PDF for you. You can import PDF’s into InkScape to manipulate it and add graphics, etc.


That is amazing! Especially for using store bought ply wood! Props to you!:grinning::thumbsup:


cheers for that, thanks!


Can’t wait to make one!!!


Not the one I used, but there are a slew of online generators for every type of dial imaginable – horizontal, vertical, reclining, not to mention the esoteric versions. A far cry from using Meeus’ algorithms, etc. :wink:

I’ll post some of my favorites after I get home.




One of the coolest GF projects ever!

Just need to weather-proof it a little…


Here are the online generators I used, along with some other good ones

Also, you might be interested in

Absolutely-- this was just a draft proof-of-concept. The final version will be permanently mounted, decorated, and (I hope) fully weatherized.