Advice on Passthrough?

Hi I’m still new here…I am trying to do a passthrough, and I get this error. What does it mean/how do I fix it?

Sadly your images are tiny and fuzzy and not really readable. Can you reload them at full size?

Any better?

Oh yes much!

What happens if you move your design up a touch? I know I’ve seen @jules comment about distance from the door being important.

Your material needs to be loaded back to front… It doesn’t look like you have material extending out the back of the Glowforge. This is not causing the problem you are having, however. The problem seems to be that the Glowforge isn’t focusing on the material to determine a focus height. Did you use the set focus tool?


I suggest getting some cardboard and practicing a bit with the passthrough function before jumping in and risk wasting material. The first attempt needs to be something fairly simple so you become familiar with how the passthrough works.


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