Advice so I don’t burn through my supplies

Feel like I can’t get this right. Used two settings . The one that won’t come out was 165/94, then I said ok try again so I did full/170 and I still had some pieces that didn’t cut through. Should I go full and slow it down more? I’m still trying to understand how to gage my cuts. I’m using 1/8. Thank you

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It’s all about putting power to the material. The more power you use, the deeper the cut. The slower you go, the deeper the cut. So if you are already at full power, the way to deepen the cut is to go slower. Likewise if you are cutting and are getting flashback (scorched wood on the backside), you need to lessen the power to the material. So you either lower power… or speed it up… or both.

If you are engraving and it’s too light… more power… if it’s too dark, less power… (which as we covered above is a combination of speed and power). With engraving there’s also one more variable. Lines per inch. More lines per inch means more power being put to the material. So while it’s easier to change the speed and power, LPI may be an option to change as well.


Try smaller cuts in the corner of your material first rather than a big design. Dial in your setting that way. It’s faster and won’t waste as much material.


That was a perfect explanation that I could understand. Actually answered a few other questions I had . Thank you !


In case you ever need a refresher on that: Working With Manual Mode – Glowforge

Honestly, that entire First Prints tutorial is definitely worth going through if you haven’t!


Hey, everyone has good advice here. To add to what they’ve all said, you might find #6 and #7 useful:

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