Advice to paint granite?

Hi everyone…

I have been running numerous tests on granite. Making memorials… I am having difficulty with painting them. I have been running numerous tests (i.e. tons of time) on samples I picked up at a granite store. The engravings are okay, but the painting is a problem. I am just not getting a nice bright white color. Taping off the granite with transfer or painters tape, and then engraving and painting always has bleed through. Trying to clean that up (razor blade, alcohol, etc.) takes a way a lot of paint and has not been a good solution. A lot of people online recommend just wiping the engrave with acrylic or oil based paint and then wiping it off. This does provide some contrast, but a lot of the paint is wiped off leaving more of a light silver color. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Granite is porous. You might have better luck applying a sealing coat of some kind before you mask and engrave.