Affinity Designer Tip, Tricks and Sales (Please add yours)

Affinity Designer software tips, tricks, sale prices (when available), and “how to” … feel free to add your tips, links to videos etc.

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Affinity sale at this link: Affinity Designer (Photo & Publisher as well) 50% off sale Unknown expiration date. $24.99 for the software at this time.

I started learning Illustrator but I have one of the versions before they went to a monthly subscription. I do not use it every day so won’t pay a subscription fee.

I have started with Affinity Designer and it seems pretty good; my oldest son also installed it awhile back. Seems similar to illustrator and they do have a community as well.

Bonus — no subscription fees…


I just subscribed to the entire Adobe world of products. My wife needs and uses Acrobat daily and I’m getting tired of CorelDraw freezing and/or crashing (it used to be such a great product). We have Macs, iPhones, iPads and PCs all over the house. While I’m not a fan of the subscription model, I do appreciate being able to resume my work on any device I have handy. I have Affinity Creator and Photo for my iPad Pro so with the great pricing, I am going to buy it for my MacBook just incase I get fed up with Adobe (like I did when I switched to Mac from PC).


Steve, be sure to check out Illustrator for iPad, since you are a subscriber. You’ll love it! (Sorry for the brief hijack, carry on).

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I don’t use it for business and I don’t use it every day so it doesn’t make sense for me to have it. I only have 2 devices and at $50 for 2 copies of the license, Affinity Designer should work well enough for my use.

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I have it installed along with Photo Shop. I haven’t really tried Illustrator yet, but many things I want to do in PS aren’t available yet.

I just decided to buy Affinity Designer/Photo while they are still on sale for $25 each. I figure it’s worth a try to drop the subscription for Adobe, even with a discount on the subscription. Hopefully I’ll find it easy to switch over and can cancel Adobe soon.

Anyone have a favorite resource for tutorials? :slight_smile:

They have some there on their site. There is a guy that is really good for Adobe Illustrator but I am not sure how difficult it will be to listen to him and then figure it out on Affinity Designer due to different interfaces. It is how I started using Illustrator and he was really good (had downloadable class worksheets). Gareth David Studio but he only does Adobe products. I figured I would start with Affinity’s tutorials and then hopefully find someone like Gareth.