Affinity Designer Workbook Discount

For anyone interested in learning Affinity Designer they have a workbook they sell that is currently 40% off through Friday. I just got mine and it’s a really high quality book.


I’ve been wondering whether to spring for the book, concerned how they intend to deal with upgraded features – sell a new edition?

@Xabbess – I seem to recall you purchased the workbook last year… What do you think? Worth $35 (including shipping)?

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man, also tempted. the linked post noted they have no plans to update it with 1.6 features. i’m not sure what that means for future iterations (i’m guessing they might put out another edition when their ipad pro designer app launches).

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The book is, as @schiguoi said, a very high quality book and I would say certainly worth the price. I started out using mine but still haven’t gotten very far through. When I started designing things for the Glowforge, the book wasn’t always relevant to that. It’s teaching method is to have you duplicate certain artist’s work and I haven’t gotten into that part of it, that much. I’ve continued to learn Affinity by ‘doing’ and experimenting. I still use the book for reference and may someday get into the lessons inside, again.

as an aside…I’m always waiting for features in Affinity like people have in AI…mostly something like auto trace. I contacted the company and they said they are working on it, but it’s not yet available. Otherwise, I love AD.

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I also purchased the book. It is as @Xabbess said a quality book.
@schiguoi, There are many good tutorials on Vimeo to learn the program.
I still like to have the book for a quick review of a process.
That is when I can remember what I want to do. HAH

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Same for me…good quick reference.

I’ve worked through all of their YouTube tutorials as well. They have a lot of free content out there as well. I even discovered they have an Apple TV app called Affinity TV for Photo and Designer tutorials. Most of them are matches to Vimeo and YouTube videos though, but it’s a nice option.

So far I’ve only skimmed the book. I like that there are some pull out keyboard references and such. With any hardbook, I do get concerned about it becoming obsolete, but that is true with most software books. My plan is to learn what I can from it now, and I’ll follow up online for 1.6 and beyond features. I would love an updatable ebook format as well though :smiley: