After my fire, I added a wireless camera

My Glowforge fire occurred because I was cutting very small objects in Black acrylic. I should have been watching.

The small blower fan stopped working but even if it hadn’t don’t know if that was the cause.

So for $20 on Amazon I bought and installed a small camera above the Glowforge.


Much like toddlers, you can’t really leave them unattended. It only takes a minute for a minor incident to get out of control.

I’m using a Wyse camera and an Arlo camera to monitor cuts while I work nearby, and I watch those streams like a hawk when cutting small items. Knock on wood, I’ve never had a serious flare-up… but if it happens, I’m ready to pounce.


I also use a wyze cam but do not trust myself to pay attention to the app. So mostly I stand nearby resisting the urge to wander off or get distracted.

The wyze cam is primarily used to turn on my external exhaust fan when it sees motion at the forge, which is handy.


On the slight chance I leave my shop with the GF running I did the same and installed a camera linked to my phone. Good in a pinch!

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Sorry to hear you had a fire. I bought a Conico Wireless IP Camera on Amazon for $18.65 (incl tax) to keep an eye on mine. I figured if it was that cheap and didn’t work, no big deal. My GF is on the end of a 10’ table, and I usually am working about 3’ away from it in the middle or on the other end of the table, but I wanted to be able to sit down and not have to stand there watching it the whole time. I was really surprised how well it works. Now I can sit comfortable working on my next project or whatever, and keep an eye on it. It’s also nice for the occasional trip upstairs to the kitchen, knowing that I can keep an eye on things. I never leave it for very long though.
By the way - I love your vent gate! Very clever!


The Gate design was a modification from the one on the forum. thanks.
My camera is also linked to my phone; but I don’t leave small thin acrylic cutting alone any more.


I use a summer baby cam if i leave it at all. And i don’t leave it when cutting acrylic at all…

If this then that? I am intrigued by this!

In theory with the right image recognition you should be able to spot fires automatically via video.

Enter google, stage right:

Now that’d be a heck of a premium feature.


i am just a novice with that app but it works

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