After printing a design can I cut the design out if I didn't at time of printing?

I have carved a print. I must have forgotten to cut the piece out in planning. is there a way to do that before or after I have removed the board?

You can place the same board back into the machine and use visual alignment to line up the cut file (the cut and the engrave commands will be different items on the left of your GFUI - turn the engrave one to “Ignore”)

Now, visual alignment is not yet perfect for everybody so run calibration: Introducing Lid Camera Calibration and then verify how you are off by running something like this: Is GF positioning not supposed to be perfect?

and then put your piece back in (luckily the steps above should only have to ever be run again if you move your machine)


ThAnks. I will give it a try. Ruth

If you want to fell really good about it run that cut as a score power 1 and speed 500 hard to see but does not leave a bad mark. If I need to try again I kick the power up a hair so I can tell which I am looking at.


I don’t even know what that is. I am new to 3d prints . Could you explain?

There are three types of choices when you say what process you want for a layer in the GFUI with a vector there is Engrave, Cut, Score, and Ignore which is #4 I guess. With a bitmap you can only choose Engrave or Ignore. So if you think the location is correct you go to Score set the power to the bottom and speed to the top and run that score, It will barely scorch a path, but will show you where the cut will fall. I it is not where you expected you can move the design, and redo that score till it does.

Then you set the vectors to what you want reset the vector layer to the cut or engrave as you originally planned and run that…

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