After the reunion

My brother from New Mexico and two of his compadres from Texas joined myself and a second brother here in Oregon, and about 17 more family and friends, for our much anticipated time on the coast. We had an amazing week…having rented 5 condos right on the ocean. The weather was absolutely perfect the entire week.

It was like a progressive party, every day and every evening…wandering from one unit to another…always something going on…somewhere. Before we left for the coast, brother & friends from the south did an exquisite corpse drawing…

and a second collaborative drawing…both of which we engraved on the Glowforge, using the trace feature.

(The cut edges are a bit wonky…I ended up having to adapt some of their errant lines) They were incredibly impressed, seeing their small drawings transferred in every detail to a piece of maple wood.

Most of their days were spent on the beach shooting videos. Brother bought a huge bunch of light sabers and gave one to everyone that was there. There was no shortage of light. One afternoon, about 7 of us went to our good friends music studio a couple miles away, and played guitars and sang.

(obviously a pano shot)

Left to right; brother Rob, who lives but an hour and half from me, Junius, a friend of my other brother, John (retired prof.of painting from U.of NM. (in the plaid shirt and hat)…and Martin in the mirror…a prof.of video and animation from the U.of Texas. Quite the interesting and fun bunch…and a wildly good time for us all.


I’m so incredibly jealous! Looks like y’all had a wonderful time. :grinning:


Sounds like a really great time! Glad you were all able to get together.


I’m officially jealous. It sounds like all of you had a blast!


What fun!!


Picture of everyone in the home is a bit confusing I see Junius standing but in the mirror he appears to be sitting. Is that Glowforge Magic?


OK…now that is weird. Never noticed that before. But, if you look closely, even though he appears to be seated, he still has that same sandwich bag (?) in his hand. I think it’s because of the mirrors (they do it with mirrors, don’t they?) You can also see him in the mirror far down the hallway. Must have made some distortions somehow. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Not Glowforge magic…this isn’t in my house…this is in one of the beach condos we rented. Or maybe it really IS magic…


I’m betting it’s because the person taking the picture, Martin, took it in Panoramic mode and had the photo’s stitched together. So there was time in between taking the first picture on the left of Rob (notice his hand on his beard) until the last photo with the mirror and window looking outside (notice Rob in the mirror has both hands crossed on the table).


I didn’t think of the stitching part, but I saw that very same thing last night when looking at it in more detail. What a strange mix. I think you solved the mystery. :smile: