Aikido kamiza 3D sign


Creation of the day… Birch plywood for the background and the letters (painted black). Cherry plywood matte. Clear acrylic cylinders glued to the back of the letters for 3D effect. Lots of fun.


Really classy looking. The acrylic stand offs add a nice touch.


Beautiful. What does it mean?


Those are the characters for aikido, a Japanese martial art. What it means is the subject of a fair amount of philosophical dialog. Literally, it is something like “the way of harmony with the spiritual energy of the universe” (which is not necessarily as metaphysical as that might sound).

The kamiza is a sort of place of respect in a dojo (school). Typically, there would also be a picture of the founder of the style.


… I was thinking of engraving O’Sensei next :wink:


That would be cool! Old meets new. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

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I described aikido as “the way to put someone in the most amount of pain with the least amount of effort.” :slight_smile:

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Love the 3D look.

I love this! I am definitely not going to show it to my anime obsessed teenager either, because I don’t think I could do one this good!

Terrific looking piece! Great job!

What a gorgeous sign! So full of subtle elegance. And I agree, the acrylic standoffs are brilliant.