Air assist broken?

I’m pretty sure my air assist isn’t working. I’m getting strange residue patterns/burns in directions that would indicate the assist isn’t working. Is there something I can do to fix this? Things to maybe check?

Test with something that’s particularly smokey. You should be able to see the smoke blowing forward if your air assist is working, before getting sucked out the back. If it’s not working it’ll just suck out the back.

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Yeah that’s what I was looking for. It seems to intermittently switch between blowing forward to not at all. I’m not sure if that’s just the intake and exhaust fan causing this or if the air assist is starting and stopping.

Mmmm… I don’t think the air intake is powerful enough to really affect the burn. Certainly possible though.

Anyway, Support should be able to check the logs to see what kind of RPMs you’re getting out of your air assist.

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Yeah I didn’t think so either. I will do some tests tonight and send some photos for people to see.

Just do something near the front of the bed and look over behind the gantry. You’ll be able to see if the fan is spinning or not.

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Oh! I didn’t realize you could see it spinning. Hmm… It’s working. But I am still getting abnormal markings. I’ll continue to try to figure it out! Thanks everyone!

I am having that problem also. Worse It may be intermittent. However, you might want to clean these:

and check out this thread…Head fan weak? as well. they said that they checked and all was good, and it was for a bit, but then went back to its old ways.

There is a tiny fan in the head that will create enough drag to make the larger fan spin a bit if it is not blocked. I put a vacuum hose up there to try and get any other junk from it, but even at best it was not blowing like when it was new.

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I used a q-tip, whittled thin, to poke and scrape away a whole bunch of buildup in and under the fan. It was still spinning, but no longer blowing out flare-ups. I went at it from above, behind the gantry to get gunk off of the blades of the fan, and also from below to clear out the… shovel? (exhaust manifold?)


Oh my gosh I you’re a life saver haha there we go! :blush::blush:

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