Air crew wings


This will be going on the wall at the Ft. Rucker NCO Acadamy. I’m a bit tickled to have the second of my works put up there.

In some ways, I am the proudest of this of anything I’ve done. I learned a lot about art programs doing it. There was a lot of converting and tweaking on those wings to get what they/I wanted.
I’ve got to come up with a quick simple way to explain the difference between vector and raster to people. “Why don’t you just use this from the internet?” me: “because it would look like a 1980’s vidio game!”
Intrestinly, this is all either cut or scored, no engraving on it.

Bitmap or vector - which engraves faster?

Didn’t realize that you were scaling it up so large, that is just a stunning piece!

Can’t believe there’s no engraving on it. :grinning:


You have very good cause to feel proud about that…it’s lovely in two ways…a commemorative one and a show of your talent and also of your newly learned skills. SO professional! It looks wonderful.


Thank you so much, I live here enough that I know who the easy graders are and you are not one of them so this means a lot coming from you.


That’s a lot bigger than I assumed too. Nice work! That’s in cherry right?
I would be tickled too. :sunglasses:
What are the graduations significant of? I know the one with the wreath ranks, but how?


Maple with walnut connectors.

From bottom to top, basic, senior, and master. These are for non-pilot aircrew, the pilots are different in the shield. Not being an army vet I have no idea what it takes to graduate from basic on up. I’m sure it is a checklist of quals and flight hours etc.


I think these are the current quals (although I seem to remember explicit requirements regarding levels of training, e.g. A-school, C-school, etc.)

Crew Member – Individual must be on flying status as a crew member in a specified position or non-crewmember in the case of observers, medical aidmen, gunners, aircraft maintenance supervisors or technical inspectors.

Senior – Be recommended and on flying status as a crewmember or as a non-crewmember, performed 7 years in one of the principal duty assignments above, and attained grade E-4 or higher.

Master – Be recommended and on flying status in a specified position or non-crewmember position, have performed 15 years in one or more of the principal duty assignments above and attained the grade of E-6 or higher.


Really gorgeous. I’m inspired to try scoring now as I have hardly used it at all and it looks so great on these.


Wow! I also thought it would be a small profile. What stunning display!


Beautiful piece! So cool that is will be on display in a public place.


Those look phenomenal! Great work sir!


Incredible. Thanks for sharing!