Air fan Assist Replacement?

Has anybody ever changed just the Air assist fan? I entered a wrong setting for a material, and left the machine for a few minutes and when I came back, it burnt the material and melted the part of the fan. Everything else seems fine, I tried to run another print and it does everything as usual and when it winds up to start engraving, it then powers off and blinks an orange light on the glowforge, and my computer says air assist error. I ordered a fan online to replace it, but I was just curious if anybody else has had to change this, or run into a similar problem?

Give it a good clean first

I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with the air assist fan. The next step is to clean the fan and see the trouble improves. There are instructions available at this link to remove the carriage plate and clean your air assist fan.

If you are still having trouble after cleaning, please post a photo of your carriage plate like this example:

We’ll take a look and follow up with more troubleshooting steps.

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The fan doesn’t need to be cleaned, the flames melted the fan blades in areas, see attached pic. I’m asking about replacing the fan. Has anybody just replaced the fan. This has nothing to do with cleaning the fan because the fan is ruined. So, has anybody ever replaced the fan?


Thank you for posting that photo. Based on the condition of the fan, I agree that is likely this needs to be replaced. We recommend that all replacement parts are ordered through us here at Glowforge.

Since this question is outside our team’s scope. I’ve moved it to the Beyond the Manual so the discussion can continue there.

If you are interested in ordering a replacement carriage plate that includes a new air assist fan - let us know at and we can follow up with those details.

How much is the new carrier plate?

Cheap, might be worth a shot.

I ordered 2 fans online and they are on the way, but i wanted to see if anybody has done this yet?

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