Air filter alternatives question

I’m looking for a solution for indoor cutting without venting outside. I am having issues finding an air filter in Japan similar to glowforge with the fan/fume extractor. There might be more available, I’m probably not searching in the right places or terms. The only one i see readily available at a reasonable-ish price is for xtool.

So, i was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of using an inline fan with an air filter? For example, this one from vivosun would need the inline fan, but could i pair it with my inline fan and vent indoors? I found a couple of potential air filters, but i don’t know if they’ll work.

This one I’m not sure if it is just a filter and the laser itself is pushing the air through it, if that is the case, then it should work with an inline fan?

Anyone have any experience or insight? I’ve got limited space and my office is on the 3rd floor up some very narrow stairs, so I’m trying to avoid anything overly bulky.


That filter will not remove smoke and fumes, it’s very basic and not very effective. I got one included with my first 4" fan and it was junk.


Curious to know if the Aura filter will work on GF pro/plus/basic machines.


I’m curious too, but i can’t get them shipped here, so it’s not an option unfortunately.

@eflyguy which filter sucks? The vivosun hydroponics one or the one that looks similar but says it’s for laser cutters? I think it’s D2 something or other.


Maybe the one from Flux?


The vivosun - your second link doesn’t work.


One of us could ship them to you, if you don’t find something there that will work. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Is this the D2 thing? If so, it would cost at least $180, as much as $300 to ship. You’d be better off to keep searching for something “locally”…


I spent way too much time last night changing my ebay shipping address. Last night before i figured it out, the link (which works on my end) showed that it was shipping from China and the total price was like 150-200ish. Now that I’m awake and see that my address correctly updated-it still ships from China, but it says they don’t ship to Japan :rofl::rofl:

@geek2nurse I’m highly considering it. However, my neighbor received a piece of my mail recently that didn’t forward like it should’ve to my dad’s house (my son’s high school diploma). She sent it to me… just an envelope… but because of the size of the envelope, she was charged 61 dollars to ship it USPS. So… that’s scary.

I need to test how much it costs to send a box here… but i sent an envelope to my dad recently and it cost me 110 yen-75 cents.

@ekla I’m going to check it out and see if they ship here. I saw lots of extractors on Amazon, but they wanted 2500+ USD for them, even though they are the exact ones i see on alibaba for 150-250 dollars. I’m not sure how shipping from China works here… you’d think it would be quicker, but i ordered house slippers when i first got here not realizing the shipper was in China and they took a month to arrive…

I still have a couple of weeks until it arrives, hopefully in one piece… I’m so scared.


I estimated the size of the box that the D2 comes in (dimensions on Amazon are for the unit itself) and they may have been conservative. The listed weight is something like 26lbs. Put that in USPS shipping estimate and you get three options, the cheapest being near $180.

International shipping became cost-prohibitive over a dozen years ago. I used to regularly send gifts to family in the UK, a friend in AUS, and even sell stuff (mostly RC-related, but some as large as complete models) to various folks in the UK and mainland Europe.

Now for family, I send something from Even our yearly Christmas letter and photo card costs over $1 to send now.

What’s ridiculous is how (relatively) cheap it is to get shipped from abroad to here. My mom sends gifts for my daughter and I, and obviously anything shipped from China is dirt cheap.


Japan’s AC specs are a little weird - 100 VAC and either 50 or 60 Hz depending on location. Not sure how that might affect filter performance. Is there an EE in the house?

Or your GF, now that I think about it… :no_mouth:


What is an EE? Sorry, it was like you were writing a foreign language. All the outlets are 100 volts. I’m not sure how that would affect gf performance. I have outlet converters since all the outlets here are 2-pronged without a spot for a ground. So far all my electronics I’ve brought from the US have worked well without issue.

I don’t know much about anything else other than my husband checked the voltage in the outlets with his little reader and every one of them was 100. If it’s not ok, there’s probably something around here i can buy to fix it. I’m about to go check out the local maker spaces and ask what they use. I find a few online in tokyo, they seem to run trotec machines. There is no way a trotec is going up the stairs though… and i don’t think i want to hire another crane to bring it up to the 3rd floor.


Electrical or electronic engineer. I have an electronics engineer degree (joint honors with computer science) but it doesn’t matter, it depends on how the power supply was constructed. The only people who could say for sure would be GF engineers, or someone who’s operating a GF over there.

As to grounding, it can do bad things. My ex’s home was built in the 50’s and when I first met her, I took a computer (desktop and monitor) over to her house and the monitor proceeded to make very concerning noises before a loud pop an it no longer functioned. DON’T PANIC - modern power supplies, which the GF uses, are much different than those used in old-fashioned monitors, they operate in a way that should tolerate a slightly lower voltage. We know it works on both 50 & 60Hz as there are many users in the UK.


Sorry - an EE is an Electrical Engineer.

US line current is 120 volts, so your local service is about 16% percent less. US electronics can handle an under outage, but I wonder about the high-voltage power supply in your GF.

I wasn’t trying to worry you, but it might be worth a quick check with Support.


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