Air filter and material

so my air filter is arriving soon – with draftboard and plywood shorting the life of the filter what is everyone doing for proof runs? Also, @dan will you be selling 12 x 20 hardwood as a size option - I have a basic GF and if I want to extend my AF I would use hardwood but the of two sizes the 6 x 12 is very limited for building

personally I would use a pre-filter. I don’t have the GF air filter but I do have a large air scrubber. My first charcoal filter clogged up rather quickly so I dropped a normal filter in right before the charcoal filter and it helps quite a bit with grabbing the larger particulates.

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You will be hard pressed to find anyone selling hardwood sheets suitable for the GF that wide. It’s simply not practical to manufacture, and there is no demand.

Ocooch has walnut, cherry, maple and red oak in 12" x 24" in 1/16 and 1/8 (maybe other thicknesses too, not sure)… But most of the other hardwoods they have are 8" x 24" at most I think.

Edit: Also ash, mahogany and poplar in 12" x 24".

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I stand corrected. Only $18.40/sheet for 1/8" (plus shipping). Probably not much more expensive than burning thru filter cartridges.

I just use a local wood supplier, and buy their huge sheets of plywood. They have plywoods that have solid wood veneers as the core so it should be fine. Then I take my table saw and cut them into little 12X20 sheets. I get 16 GF sheets per sheet of plywood at 36 bucks which is pretty cheap.

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That is a good solution. Are you using a filter?

larger wood planks aren’t as common in thin stock, though. not everyone sells them at 1/8 or even 1/4.

i’ve gotten some from local lumber/planing mills, even wenge. but, again, you have to find someone who has it and who’s willing to plane it to that thickness.

I am, yes. I think the sheet they sell is 4 feet by 8 feet, and its 1/4 inch thick. They sell a bunch of MDF core ones too, so I had to call and ask specifically for wood veneer cores, and explained it was for a laser engraver and they were more than willing to help.

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