Air Filter cartridge

Circumstances are such that I will probably need to buy the GF air filter unit. However I have some time and am dyeing to know what makes the foreign made filter cartridge worth $250. Does anyone have an expired cartridge that I can tear apart and look inside or has anyone done such a thing and is willing to share their findings?S
Thanx, Craig

What colour are you dyeing to know? Sorry, couldn’t resist that one. The filter is probably multi pass and I suspect something like activated charcoal too.

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It’s probably all the foreigns terking our jerbs.

But shop around if you feel the price is out of line for what you get.

I took my expired filter a[art and it has what appears to be a Hepa(?) filter on top that’s maybe 2.5" thick, then another fabric type layer that I haven’t opened yet but it appears the remainder is activated charcoal

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That’s whawhat I want d to know. Thank you.

As you can tell spelling is not my forte. I think paper and carbon too. Thanx

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I did my research too but that didn’t answer my question. Thanx anyway

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