Air Filter For Sale, Brand New, Never Opened, FREE SHIPPING for USA

Hi Glowforge community.
I have a brand new, never even shipped from manufacturing, Glowforge air filter for sale. I ordered it during a promo but was unsure if I wanted it, so I never requested to have it shipped. I have now made the decision that I do not need it, based on my current process, and am looking to sell it. It would be shipped to you for free directly from Glowforge, so it would be in its original, unopened packaging with no shipping costs to receive it.
MSRP is $1295USD and I’m asking $1200USD, no taxes or additional costs.

Like I mentioned, its brand new, never opened or used, waiting to be shipped from Glowforge.
Here it is if you would like to take a peek: Glowforge Air Filter – Glowforge Shop

Let me know if anyone is interested or if you have any other questions.
Thanks and have a lovely day,

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