Air Filter for the work room

Is any one using some sort of air purifier while running their machine, to keep the odor down? If so which one to use?
I have been burning candles, but they don’t work that well!

Make sure the exhaust path is well sealed. Pinhole leaks in the hose, or loose connections, will cause a lot of odor to escape into the room with you. (Aluminum tape will seal it air-tight, other types of tape are not as effective.)

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I have an Austin Air HealthMate Plus that I leave running all the time on low in my workshop just to keep particulates and such at bay, and if it gets particularly bad after a Glowforging session, I’ll crank it up for a while. I’m not sure how much of a difference it really makes; it’s not like it instantly removes any trace of smoke from the air, but it makes me a little more comfortable sharing space with a Glowforge, soldering iron, CNC mill, and other things that can contribute to air quality concerns.

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I would see that as treating a symptom. I say that because I had an odor problem initially and managed to eliminate it. I had to completely and positively seal every joint in an extended exhaust run. Zero smell now.
Probably the easiest way is to use an external booster fan placed at the exit end of the vent. The internal fan in the laser is pushing the smoke down the vent and anywhere it isn’t air-tight the smoke is pushed out.
With a fan at the end anywhere there is a leak in the vent air is being sucked in, not pushed out. Another plus is an external fan makes a fraction as much noise, so you can turn the internal fan off and enjoy an environment where you don’t need earplugs. Just my opinion.


I have an exhaust fan and also use the internal, but your idea has merit. I will turn off the internal and see if that helps.

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