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Hello There, John Morgan in San Antonio, Texas here. I was just in your site looking for enhancements to your products and I noticed a September 2019 date above the air filter cabinet. If you will not hit my April 2019 promise date, I am going to follow a different path. I would like to get a credit on my charge card for the filter and go for another vendor filter since you’ve missed 2 or 3 delivery due dates and I am 72 years old with Parkinson’s and probably won’t be around in late 2020. I need the unit now, please.
Please let me know if April is still the due date or if it has been pushed back again.

Thank you,

Waiting in San Antonio!


Not trying to encourage you to drop the filter order @jl.order, but if you do decide to do it, you can just send an email directly to customer support at They won’t cancel an order with personal information from a forum post. :slightly_smiling_face:

(And the alternate Compact Filters are now available. You can sign up for one in the first post of the thread. They will be available sooner.)


What do you expect the main differences will be between the glowforge air filter and this one?


The Glowforge air filter sits underneath the Glowforge; the Compact Filter sits on the floor. The Glowforge Air Filter is software integrated (turns on and off with your print); you turn the CF on and off yourself.


Does anyone know the general range for replacing the filter media in these sorts of machines?


Do you feel that this filter and the GF filter are generally as good as each other from the perspective of removing odor from the room in which they are being used? I’m not asking for any promises or guarantees, I’m simply trying to gauge whether I want to pull the trigger on this.

Does this filter use parts that will be available in the future after the official filter is released?


Obviously haven’t seen the Glowforge filter to compare it to yet, but the odor tests with this one went very well. There is zero smell while the machine is running on the filter. (There is still a small whiff when you open the lid on the Glowforge, but it actually handles acrylic better than venting outside.)


They are both excellent at cleaning the exhaust - it comes out with a lower particle count than the ambient room air. Similarly, the actual exhaust is, in my personal experience of sticking my nose in it many times, odorless.

Note that there’s an odor from the material you just printed (although leaving the lid closed and the filter running for a few minutes post-print reduces this).

Yes, we plan to stock filter cartridges for this for many years.




Awesome. I’m in. Filled out the form. Hope we get lucky. :grin: Thank you for your responses.


Dan, you need to just abandon the “estimated delivery date” kabuki. It serves only as an immunization against any sudden outbreak of credibility.

This morning it showed that I could expect to take delivery in less than two weeks; this afternoon it says it would be more than 23 weeks. We are left to guess at what point you knew the estimate was wildly wrong, but we can be sure that it has been a while. This is not the first time this has happened. It is not the second time, either.


On the other hand, Glowforge has gone out of it’s way to provide an alternative to those of you who can’t wait on the development of the Glowforge filter, which wasn’t something they had to do, and strikes me as being rather generous. If you need one now, you can sign up for it in the first post.


They have had more than $4,000 of my money for more than three years. Forgive me if I decline to prostrate myself in gratitude at their generosity at finally offering to provide me with something in exchange for that. Or more accurately, permitting me to apply to perhaps get something in exchange for that.


On the other other hand, should you apply and get it, your long suffering will finally be at an end. Enjoy it. (You’ve earned it, haven’t you?)


I appreciate the feedback. I’m sorry we didn’t hit the date we forecast.


My estimated delivery date crawled from next fall all the way to March 31 and now it is back to August 31. For all those not wanting any information please just don’t look. Given the choice of the best estimate that changes based on good or bad news of unforeseen incidents and no information at all, I would much rather have the best estimate. I am glad I chose to get my Glowforge right away rather than wait the extra year and a half waiting for it.


You said the new compact filter is not recommended for use with draftboard because it will clog the filter too quickly. Since all filters are essentially the same, will this be true of the Glowforge filter as well?


Will I be able to change out the filters without lifting my forge? I do not have to strength to lift the forge as I have limited mobility. It would be wonderful if I could leave my filter intact and change the filters without lifting the forge.


Yes, probably so. It’s like having to change out your air conditioner filter when it gets filled up. Draftboard and MDF just throw a lot of particles when you burn it.

Not to say you can’t burn draftboard, you’re just going to need to change the filter out more frequently.


I don’t think so, at least not with the design they originally came up with. In your case I’d recommend switching to this alternate compact filter - it sits on the floor and you do not have to lift anything heavy. It’s on rollers and the filter just lifts out on a couple of built in handles. It weighs about 20-25 lbs. (I was able to lift it out of the box all by myself. It definitely requires my husband’s assistance to pick up the Glowforge.) :smile: