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Yes, we buy the filters from Glowforge. As far as pre-filters go…who knows? That might work too. Or something commercially available.

How will we know whether we’re a winner in the new filter lotto? I’m not even sure my response went through or any other information

This idea stinks.


does this new filter have a fan in it? i.e. to SUCK, while the forge blows?

Yes. And it’s adjustable to extend the life of the filter.

The fan inside the Glowforge runs at a lower speed while the Compact Filter fan is running, so it’s doing most of the work.

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If a pre-filter is that easy and effective, it would make me wonder why the manufacturer doesn’t include one.


FWIW, BOFA kind of does. or, at least, their filter is a two stage filter. with a large particle filter first and a small particle filter after.

now, i’m not sure exactly how the filter in the Compact Filter is structured. it may have a two stage system built into the cartridge. BOFA does it as two separate pieces.

Easy… To Sell More (replacement) Filters! (only half kidding)

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Pre-filters are going to be less expensive, but will likely need to be replaced more frequently. (It might wind up being pretty close, from a time and cost perspective.)

And they might reduce the effectiveness of the odor control if the exhaust venting has any leaks at the joins.

But they’re worth running a few experiments with. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have been so patient waiting for my GlowForge and the filter through all of the delays and delivery push backs and the whole “ship date” being weeks before you actually receive the product, but I’ve about had it. My filter date was just pushed back from March 29th, 2019 to August 31st, 2019. That’s another five months. At what point will the filter actually be ready? I can’t cut anything for more than a few minutes at a time until I get the filter because I work at a school that does not have windows that open.

Can anyone confirm with certainty that if I switch to the new filter that I’ll actually get one?

@Jules you always know all of the things so I’m tagging you. :grinning: This is probably a basic question that is buried somewhere in this thread but I haven’t yet found it-- is it possible for someone who hasn’t yet ordered the GF filter to still order the Compact Filter now? Or, request to be on a list to do so? Or, do I need to go ahead and order the regular filter (and prepare for the unknown wait) and then will be given the option to buy the Compact? I’d been waiting to see whether I wanted to do the GF filter since the beginning-- and have decided finally indeed I do, mostly because of the noise level outside (no active neighbor complaints-- but it’s really dang loud-- I bet at night it violates local noise ordinances even)… And we may be moving abroad soon and of course GF is going to come with me-- but our options for venting outside will likely be slim to none so getting going with an inside air filter is key. Thanks!

If they have additional filters from an order, they might very well allow people to purchase them. I didn’t have a filter on order, but I offered to buy one so it could be tested.

They will bill you separately via PayPal, but if you’re wanting one, go ahead and sign up for it on the form, but explain the circumstances (you don’t have a GF filter on order but want to buy one now) in the writeup.

It requires a lot of additional manual fixing on their end, so they might not want to do it yet, but it doesn’t hurt to put a request in, and it gets you in line. Eventually they were planning to offer these as an alternative to the GF filters. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You shouldn’t be trying to cut for even a few minutes without an exhaust setup of some kind…not good to inhale those unfiltered fumes. (I’m surprised it doesn’t give you a headache. It would flatten me.)

If i were in your situation I would go ahead and sign up for this Compact Filter. Given the multitude of issues that could bite them in the posteriors, we’re never sure if we’ve seen the last delay. These will likely be ready long before the Glowforge filters. And it’s going to be a lot easier to switch the filters out.

Thanks! Maybe my big missing link is how I find the form?

Click on this link:

Form to Sign up for a Compact Filter


Thank you! It was being so elusive for me. :slight_smile:

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Jules, thanks as always for the info and the link. I’ve also decided to follow your recommendation and also choose the compact filter. Being able to easily switch between filter and exhaust, plus the easy of changing the “filter” components were the two things that pushed me over the edge.


If the pre-filter is washable then the time between paying for new can be much extended, Likewise I am not liking having all filters in the same part as one could last much longer than the other depending on what you are cutting. If what you are cutting is especially stinky it could eat up the charcoal filter first, if it is more smoke than fumes the Hepa filter would clog before the charcoal was even half done.

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I’m interested in the compact filter for several reasons. I cut a lot of draft board though. Would we be able to unhook easily & use our current window vent when cutting draft board? Will the original filter I purchased with my pro be ok to use with draft board? If so, I might consider just waiting for it. Thanks!

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It’s probably going to be just about the same as the Compact Filter. (All filters fill up quickly with draftboard and particle board.)

*emphasis mine. Words his.

Yes. Might be slightly easier with the Compact Filter.

Discussed here:

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