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I just received my air filter. There appears to be two manuals though. They appear to be identical, pictures included, except for a find-replace changing “filter” to “compact filter”. Am I missing something here? Do I have an air filter or do I have a compact air filter?

There is not a lot of difference between the two, but it is my understanding there are some differences. Some of the first people to receive a glowforge filter complained they hadn’t bothered to do a find and replace on the manual. If you’ve been waiting a couple of years for it, then you should have the glowforge filter. If you just bought your machine and filter, then IDK.

If you ordered the glowforge one that is what you should have received. If you ordered and they asked would you like a filter right away, then maybe it is the compact filter???

You can always email for clarification.

Look inside - if the thing-with-holes looking back at you is metal, you have a GF filter, if it’s plastic you have a compact filter

GF filter:

Compact filter:


@caribis2, we’ve been waiting a pretty long while for it - we originally had ordered the model that had the same footprint as the glowforge and had the glowforge sitting on it. This makes me thing we have the non-compact filter.

@deirdrebeth, these pictures are helpful. We have the top one. Both manuals show the bottom picture and didn’t look like ours, so we were confused. Thanks for clearing this up.


The original design that was shown initially didn’t meet the company’s requirements.

If you’ve been waiting a long time, you have the glowforge filter. I received mine the Monday after Thanksgiving and so far I’ve unpacked it, looked it over and rolled it around the floor. It rolls really nice.

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Mine showed up Tuesday without a manual or directions of any kind. I assumed I had to download one from here or something.

I believe there should be a link in one of your emails or something - but they’re all here as well:

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