Air Filter Return Issues

When I purchased my Glowforge I also bought the Air Filter with it… but ended up using an existing dryer vent to have it go directly outside… I never opened the Air Filter (still in the shipping packaging) but I can’t return it because it is outside the return window. Do you all have any suggestions for places to sell it or if there is anything else I can do to return it?
Thank you for any tips!


Nothing else to do to return it. You might be able to sell it to someone who uses a filter - but that’s mostly either people who do craft shows, or places like schools where they can’t exhaust out a window or a vent…so it’s a limited market.

The filter medium itself sells for (I believe) $250, so you could probably sell an unused insert for $200 or so.


Oh dear that is disheartening about the price- I paid $1,295 for mine in November through GF- it’s the one that vents out the window? I will try to sell it on some sort of online seller site. Wish me luck!


Sorry…but this is confusing to me. Glowforge doesn’t sell a filter that vents out of a window. Are we all talking about the same thing here?


Hi Xabbess!
Here is a pic of the air filter from the website- I might be describing it incorrectly? Honestly since I never opened the box I don’t know if it vents out the window or is an air purifier or what the heck it does. I need to do more research when I buy things lol. They suggested it in the cart and I asked a friend if it’s needed she said yes and I said ok, here we go!

It’s an air purifier that you use so you DON’T have to vent out of a window, useful for people who can’t for whatever reason.