Air Filters

I noticed in one video where Glowforge was showing the lasercutter off they had several standalone air filters. Now I have ordered one with an air filter, but after seeing that I wondered if I should buy one for the shop I am putting together to surround the Glowforge. It is to keep the area clean and dust free, but also to keep the area fresher smelling, I am assuming the Glowforge air filter only does so much. I will be opening the cutter and taking out pieces, etc., etc… Does anyone have recommendations on a good one?

How to vent with this kind of window?

@robbie posts up a good 2 vids on Hacking/Making filters on the cheap.

Thanks Wesley, my fault for not explaining better. It is the venting the Glowforge while it is in use that I am asking about but filters shown in this screenshot here of Dan cutting things. I guess really is the one shown for kinda keeping things dust free, where I might chose one with a Hepa Filter. Or is it simply for odors left behind, where I might choose Ionization. I am getting the Glowforge filter, so I hope that I won’t have to vent outside. While Chomping at the bit to get started, I’ve started setting up the workspace for it.

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Sorry, meant to say, It is not the venting of the Glowforge while it is in use but…

Good question for @dan. As that is his “gunshot” view. #stud

ah ha. Hmmmm, i’ve got 3 different kinds around my place due to the wife’s high level of allergy sensitivity.

Holmes HAP412N mini tower
Therapure TPP540
Therapure TPP230

The Holmes and the 230 have ionizers in them and they while they all seem to filter quite well, I can at least notice the difference the ionizers make both in oder elimination and in making the accident of have the Holmes kind of pointed at a wall for a few months and needing to clean all the gook off of it after the ions bonded the dust to the wall.:expressionless:

lol @spike! We actually just use that as a fan in the summer. It’s been pressed into filter duty a few times when we stunk up the lab with an experiment but the results were disappointing. It’s mostly just sitting idle these days.

Maybe someone other glowforger has been running it on the sly to reduce the pollen count, but if so, I haven’t noticed.