Aircraft Plywood (the company)

Aircraft grade plywood is made to aircraft specification

Has anyone ordered from them? Any idea on pricing? I have been using chipboard for puzzles, so not much problem cutting through.

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There site says their plywood is made with a water proof adhesive. I have seen reports that marine grade plywood doesn’t cut well - the problem identified is the glue. On the other hand, they will do custom adhesives so presumably that can be worked out.

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“We also offer a 3 ply plywood using melamine glue for laser cutting.” Looks like they’ve already answered that concern. :wink:


I know they do custom laserable plywood, because they provide laserable puzzle ply for Nervous System’s puzzles, and maybe possibly Liberty puzzles too?

That’s where I saw them mentioned. I was curious if anyone had any idea on the pricing.

If you end up asking, please let us know. :slight_smile:

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