Airflow within the unit

Does anyone have any information on how much airflow occurs inside the print area? As in, if I’m cutting paper, how heavy does the paper need to be so that it doesn’t shift during operation? Will I need to weigh the paper down with a few coins or something? Especially important if I’m cutting highly detailed designs from paper that will have small loose pieces that could float around. This will be my primary use for the GF, and even though I’ll be using primarily heavy 80# cover weight cardstock, it’s still a major concern.

I don’t have an answer, but I fully plan on purchasing a set of small rare earth magnets to keep things in place. :slight_smile: (The grid the material sits on is metal)


Ditto JeremyNielsen…the honeycomb tray in the bottom of the Glowforge is made of ferrous metal, which should work really well with magnets to secure things that can move around easily.


We use magnets for light paper as there is some significant air movement.


Good to know. :slight_smile: Hey, do we know the CFM of the fans (without the filter) by chance?

Good tip, I’ll look into some small magnets.