Hey, was wondering if anyone had engraved AirPods wireless case or knows what material they’re made of? I wanted to do some sort of custom engraving on mine, but a) I don’t want to pay for the Apple custom engraving b) I’ve already bought them and c) I want to do some sort of picture engraving that’s not possible on the apple website. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I’m almost sure it’s polycarbonate. Not likely to produce good results.


If you have a vinyl cutter, I would use that.

Or if you have some adhesive backed veneer, I bet that would look slick.


I am pretty novice here but I accidentally washed my AirPods so I figured I would try to etch them to see what happened. thery were already broken but here is the result. after seeing some of the tile comments I used a red sharpie on the etched surface and that is where the red came from. took forever to scrub off to where it is now. shapie may not have been a good idea but with some more scrubbing maybe it will all come off. also I did not use any masking tape that may have eliminated the difficult to scrub off scorch marks.

settings: 40 power
speed 1000
675 lines per inch


Sorry for your loss, but thanks for donating your deceased loved one to science! I think more than a few of us have wanted to try this and been too afraid to experiment. :slight_smile: