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I have been having a lot of trouble with my GF and my asthma. The wood can be bothersome, but acrylic can be so bad I will be ill for a couple of days. (And yes, it’s properly vented, and in the biggest room in the house - about 12’ x 20’ with a cathedral ceiling and large ceiling fan.) In the winter I can usually have the windows open, but winter only lasts 2-3 months, and even then we have days in the mid 80’s… I was about ready to put it in the garage (even though I think the humidity would kill it) when I saw this ad for Alien Tape. It worked wonders; really cuts down on the leakage of smoke and fumes and prevents me from turning blue and being so oxygen deprived I can’t think well enough to make anything. I suppose it’s bad for the GF, but at least I can use it while it lasts.

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Where and how do you use this tape?

Is this the tape?

yes, that’s it. I love their nano tape, so I thought I’d try this. I put it along the sides and front of the lid, sticking to the lid, so that the flaps seal when the lid is closed. I had read where people had used masking tape there, but I didn’t want to have to deal with that. I left small gaps and made certain that none of it is actually inside the GF.

If you have fumes escaping from those areas I would think you need a stronger exhaust fan.

You should never have smoke or fumes entering your workspace from there!


I am glad the tape helps, but I agree it should not be necessary. Check that the exhaust hose doesn’t have pinholes and that your exhaust fan is working properly.


I have no idea how to go about finding or installing a stronger fan. My poor physical condition has me practically homebound, so I can’t really go out looking for one. Do you think I might be able to find a workman who could install one?

You really aren’t supposed to seal up the front, around the lid area, etc. The GF runs with negative air pressure inside and taping all that up can cause problems.


Before looking for a stronger fan, consider other fixes. I installed a different vent hose and made sure to take the connection. Also, maybe you could share a photo of how your vent is set up so we could offer better solutions.


With a properly sealed exhaust run, there should be zero smoke during use. All of the openings around the lid should be pulling air in, not pushing smoke out. The exhaust fan moves more air than the intake fan, so there should be negative pressure inside the machine.

So either there are leaks in the exhaust hose connections or there is a restriction preventing proper airflow. In the first year, I started getting smoke in my shop so I did the same thing, putting tape on the cracks. It turned out the exhaust fan grill was almost completely blocked. It is essentially ash, so poking into the grill and sucking that stuff out with a shop vac fixed my problem. Pull the hose off the back and look at that fan grill to ensure it doesn’t need cleaning.

A lot of us use a booster fan at the exit of the building and turn off the internal fan. the booster fans are very quiet compared to the stock fan, so that’s a huge plus.
By having the booster at the end of the run, the whole section is pulling air through instead of pushing smoke out.


once i vented outside using an infinity fan, the smell, noise, it all disappeared.

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wow! I had no idea there were so many options! I will go and try some right now! Thank you all so much :smiley:


Thank You!!!just from pulling it another inch or so out from the wall helped tremendously. I have to have my 4th back surgery as soon as they think I’ve recovered enough from the pulmonary embolism to do so and I just couldnt move it out far enough to clean the fan, but I will get my husband to help me when he gets home. i have been so depressed because this has been my lifeline while I’m here at home, unable to drive and nearly unable to walk and I thought I was going to have to give it up! and, yes, I am crying! Thankyou!


So happy to hear that you won’t have to give up your creative outlet, and sending you all positive energy for improved health and a successful surgery with full recovery.


I’m glad it’s working better – but please untape the cracks on the front and top if you haven’t already. The machine NEEDS those spaces to pull in air to vent with, and Bad Things could happen with them blocked.


i did! thanks!


I got all but maybe one thing from Amazon. If there’s anything you are looking for specifically that you have trouble with, let us know and we can give you some ideas!

Sorry to hear about being in poor health. I hope you get the GF venting issues resolved soon so they don’t aggravate your asthma.

Keep you head up!!! You are going to recover and have a very successful back surgery!! With some excellent PT afterwards, you will prayerfully get your function and independence back. Grieving the “Loss of your independence” is real when you are ill!! Things will get better!! Keep your GF in your sights and continue to use it as your outlet!
Phil 4:13

I finally convinced my husband to help me with the cleaning (it’s not his fault - he works very hard plus he’s doing all the housework since I can’t) and it is much better. Thank You!

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