Aligning the laser on a Glowforge

Thanks for reposting that, I don’t suppose the pictures came with?
Curious he described his button as blue…

The pics are on page 2. I just re-checked from the file I posted.

Many people consider the white button to be blue.

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Thanks, I guess I didn’t look for a second page.

Although mine doesn’t have any, picture 3 shows a precision shim under the housing I have seen in other pictures. That seems to be the only Z axis adjustment in the path.
The innovation in the mirror housing is the consolidation and sealing of the two mirrors and thereby simplifies the adjustment to one variable instead of having to set each mirror separately. I think that is a stroke of genius.

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This information was also posted on the user’s Facebook page so it lives on even if not here in the forum.

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Interesting how you steal someone’s intellectual property without authority, after bad mouthing them. I wonder how the copy right courts would see this? I expect it to be removed or I will seek an answer to my question…

Sounds like another “let’s lure them to facebook” attempt. :crazy_face:


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I’m not a lawyer, but in past experience I learned in patent law that in the case of any design made public, a patent cannot be obtained. I would expect the same to be true for any claim to copyright.
As I said, that’s speculation, so feel free to seek legal advice, but I suspect you will be disappointed.

I’m sure you would be an asset to the community, but I believe the difference between your judgement of our discussion here and mine, is that I have known these people for seven years, and I didn’t interpret anything said to be an attic on you.

If it’s any consolation, I’m pretty sure your work will benefit many owners - including myself. Here I express my appreciation for that.
Isn’t that the spirit in which you shared it? To help others through the task of alignment that you figured out a solution to?


I am not a lawyer either, but I foresee disappointment for different reasons. Anything you create is inherently copyrighted from the moment of creation, but being as the information was first shared freely in a public venue, I don’t think it is possible to claim damages if someone reposts it after it was yanked. And I think that’s what it comes down to, what are the damages? A lack of Likes on FB? If there are no damages, there is no tort, right? Anyway I reckon court action over the repost is about as realistic as the Navy Seal copypasta.

Who would want to participate in a Facebook group with such mean, thin-skinned people? I like it here.

My team on MySpace will be discussing this.