Alignment Changed After Planning

This is a new one for me. I set everything up, then saw I needed to move my holddowns - so I canceled my print job, opened the machine lid and moved them, then came back and hit print again - and this warning popped up:


I’ve never seen it before, though my sequence of events is fairly common for me so I guess it’s new(ish)? It’s accurate - I wonder if this is a way to make sure the people who are overriding the safeties are still double checking their work!
Anyone else run across this one?


Yes…I’ve seen it many times, now…and just ignored it because I couldn’t see any reason for it to say that.,since I never changed anything after I hit the print button.


I think it comes up anytime you don’t use Set focus before hitting print. The Glowforge will auto focus as part of the print set up, and it throws a warning to let you know.

If you ask me if this was the worst possible solution to their problem. But I’m sure it was the easiest to implement compared to actually fixing the workflow.


I guess that says how compulsively I use Set Focus then!


I agree with @evansd2

“I think it comes up anytime you don’t use Set focus before hitting print.”

I saw it once recently and I had forgotten to use set focus. It was the first time I had seen it, but I was grateful as the design had shifted when the machine focused on its own.


Oh, yeah… I fired off a report to Support about this and am waiting for their response.

It doesn’t seem to matter (on mine) if I’ve used the focus tool or not. No idea why it would appear when the lid has not been opened alter material placement.

I just close it and print.


I’ve noticed it with just about every print recently…regardless of using set focus or not. I haven’t worried about it because nothing changed in what I was doing so I have just ignored it.


I have seen this message and ignored it.


If a new feature is causing confusion in experienced users and also the best advice is “ignore it” it’s a complete failure.

It didn’t solve the problem nor did it make the problem easier to correct for or understand. This should be rolled back and reconsidered.

I posted a workflow adjustment to discord some time ago that I think is far better. Not sure why they went this route, it’s objectively pretty unsuccessful.


This just in from Support:

Thanks for reaching out to us about the unexpected message!
The “Alignment Changed After Planning” notification is designed to inform you of a modification in the material’s measurement height after you’ve pressed print.
This update is essential as it could affect the positioning of your completed design. However, by utilizing the ‘Set Focus’ feature to precisely measure your material’s height, you can avoid encountering this alert.


I dont know why they don’t just pop up a message when you close the lid that says “click on your material” or something.

It would change set focus to be part of the default workflow. Maybe I’m missing something but this seems so trivial.


Follow up info:

The alert doesn’t just surface if your material moves. It can also indicate there was a change in the pre-print autofocuser measurement of your material.


Isn’t this exactly what we figured?


This is dangerously rigid thinking. Come at it from the perspective the NON-experienced users. I’m not saying in this case it actually does work, I haven’t encountered the error myself, but I don’t believe in dismissing a thing because it doesn’t fit a narrow subset of a group.


I’m not being rigid, I’m saying that advanced users can’t even interpret its meaning, how can we expect novices to sleuth it out?

I understand that experienced users come in with bias and The Opinionstm but in this case I don’t think it tracks that that’s a hindrance to adoption.

We’re dealing with something that requires an understanding of the order in which the Glowforge does things. A novice user has no idea what the auto focusing does nor why it did it right then.

If you read the error message it is saying alignment changed. Granted if you read it very carefully it says the image alignment changed, but I think few novices are you g to see that thin slice. They’re going to think (like even the advanced users) “what? I didn’t move anything”.

Exhibit A:

And that’s Xabbess, one of the most advanced users on the forum.

Exhibit B from discord two weeks ago:
“I’m not even touching anything”


I’ve seen the every time I’ve printed this week and had to open the lid, even if I haven’t moved anything at all, on the screen or in the GF, and I do use Set Focus before every print. So even Support’s answer saying Set Focus will avoid this problem, it doesn’t.