All in one gamer stand

My gamer stands have always been a popular hit in the past and I haven’t made one in awhile so I decided to put a lot of time into making an all in one version.

It holds 4 controllers (Xbox or PlayStation or the pro controllers for switch) and holds one standard size headphone, and a cellphone or switch device on the front.

Made it to work with medium proofgrade plywood.

Made quite a few mock-up colors as seen below as well.

If you’d like to make your own, all versions of the stands can be found on FreshStartCustoms - Etsy or


Nice work. Makes me want to make one for the Xbox I never use.


Thanks I appreciate it

Very nice!! I love organization!


Thank you

Nothing better than a place where things go when you’re not using them.

(Maybe I should take the hint and make one of these, since I left a bit of a mess after the weekend’s gaming experiments…)


Would fit most of that perfectly lol

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