All in one: Glowforge enclosure, noise reduction and filter

What a fantastic job and design. Your laser work is excellent as well.

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Awesome work and write up. Your work with the glowforge is also very good.

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Its mind blown. However I would be happy with just the sound proof box around the glowforge and you have paved the way for me to do that .

I am always amazed as to how much just closing the lid takes the sound away.
I think I would be happy with just the sound board around the unit.

Thank you.

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The idea is just that, share and stimulate other users to do even better :muscle:

The lid is the icing on the cake, but without the side parts the sound would “run away” anyway .
Good luck with your project !!!

Nice bit of engineering. Perhaps you should consider a second career!

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Thank you!
Working on weekends only, it took me 14 months to complete it all … it would be cool but free time is very little, if only to create something with the GF.


Over engineering at its finest. That is such a great project!


Just wow! Very nice job, wow!

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