All my cute art needs


I always love your stuff – it makes my inner child happy!


Love the dude with the beard, the girl with blue hair and the gator! Nice work!


A very unique style that works over such a wide variety of examples is a rare and beautiful thing. Some folk you could not realize they were done by the same person and others have a unique look but if you put one piece in a pile of their work you could never pick it out again.

You have beaten both of those traps, and that is a very hard thing to do!


Gorgeous work… but am I the only one wanting to see more of the table/surface you are using for these pictures?


Already liked them all on Instagram but they deserve more likes here!


Definitely Awesome with emphasis on the “awe” which I would guess you hear from everyone who passes.


The Mouse Heart and Bear are my favorite, but all are amazing!!!


love the bear. so carefree


Kitties rule! A blue, exotic cat, so nice. But all are so festive and energetic. Communicates so well your joy!


Ooof! That CAT! <3 Love it! Have you heard of Red Rocket Farm? There’s something similar in the way you use the depth/spacing and I know he (Jason) does cons and such.


I have …met them once at a craft fair a while back. They silk screen their color on which is something I’ve wanted to try but never got around to it. They have some super cute stuff as well. Our styles are somewhat similar…all the cuteness!!